Greyhawk Ruins

9: Coryl’s POV: Saving Grayhawk

Played on August 6, 2015

Year 710 CY, (Spring Time)
Growfest Day 4 (Still)
Gabe gave a speech to the people of Twofords that we just saved from the Vampire Lord, convincing them to evacuate the city. We helped the people cross the river, to “safety.” It took the rest of the day to escort them. Our Wizard told us that via Magic Messaging, the army told him they need us to take out the city tower ballistas before they assault the city (which meant we had to alter our plan).

Growfest Day 5
We attempted to rest for 8 hours. Gabe summoned “Justice” (his Wyvern). At night, 2 Vampire Spawns attacked us; we killed them and finished our rest. Gabe knighted his squire Cedric and told him and his other 2 servants to lead the people to the elf village.

Growfest Day 6
We celebrated Growfest! We rested, waiting for the army to get into position.

Growfest Day 7
We rested, waiting for the army to get into position. Our wizard teleported us. We rested some more. We rested some more.

Month 4
Day 1
We coordinated with our army so that we could take out the ballistas before they charged, but they went ahead and started charging before we had a chance to take them out. We split the party, with me and Red Foam taking out 2 ballistas while Gabe led the second team (with his Wyvern, our Kobold, and our Wizard) to take out the last ballista. I used my Earthquake spell to take out 1 ballista (which also took out a huge chunch of the wall) while our Wizard used fireball to take out another one. Gabe’s group took out a Vroc Demon.

Army v. Demon Army combat broke out all around us on the battlefield. Our group joined back together so the Wizard could teleport us to our destination: the coliseum portal. We got there and Grazzt was on a throne with a Succubus, a Balor Demon and 2 Nalfeshnee also in the area. We decided to fight!

The Succubus somehow turned into Malcanthet; she wanted us to win, so that she could defeat Grazzt. A huge battle between transformed Malcanthet and Grazzt took place while we took on the others. Gabe intimidated 1 of the Nalfeshnee into fleeing through the portal. Gabe convinced Kord to aid us with the Orb (containing the portal energy). After our Wizard banished the Balor Demon, we all focused on Grazzt (except for Gabe, who was still using the Kord Orb to suck up all of the CHAOS ENERGY from the portal). I case Dispel Magic on Grazzt and it worked! Grazzt tried to throw Red through the portal, but Malcanthet used her reaction to save him. Once we hurt Grazzt enough, Malcanthet cut out his heart and escaped with it. Red Foam picked up Grazzt’s Trident and made his Will Save when he did so (yikes). The Kord Orb finished sucking up the portal energy and then cracked with some red smoke coming out of it.

The city’s Demons came after us at first, but then the larger ones plane-shifted out and the smaller ones fled the city. We won the battle! We checked on the army; they lost about half of their people. Our Dragon friend died, but Liarin somehow survived. The leader of Greyhawk was killed and they needed a new one so I nominated Gabe. I nominaed the Wizard to study the broken Kord Orb. Gabe suggested the Wizard petition to join the Circle of 8, but the Wizard pointed out that they were killed and that he could restart it.

I agreed to help our Kobold ally secure the Bahamut Temple before going home to my new grove.

Day 2
Red Foam disappeared during the night and I feared it had something to do with the Grazzt Trident (though he may have just found an adventure to head out on). Gabe started coordinating repairing the city. The Wizard and I fixed the wall with our spells (though it looked ugly, it was at least back up for now). The Wizard let to go setup his new Circle of 8 by taking over their base (and looting their stuff). I organized getting some wealth together to resurrect some of the people who died in the battle (about 5, who would be useful helping Gabe rebuild the city).

I went off with the Kobold Cleric to help him (for about a month) before returning to my grove. Gabe became the paladin king of Greyhawk and had a monument built with the names of the people who died. I secured my grove and mentored the druid who was already there. My Magic Claws made me more powerful but also called on me to do quests to protect nature out in the world.


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