Greyhawk Ruins

8: Coryl’s POV: Killing the Vampire Lord

Played on July 30, 2015

Year 710 CY, Month 3 (Spring Time)
Still Day 25
Gabe was holding the orb (Artifact of Kord) with Red on the platform with him. Our Kobold Cleric and I were waiting at the edge of the room. Gabe prayed to Kord to find out about the orb and realized that it could channel energy (but that it could hurt Kord somehow). We decided to go out the tunnel that the Zombies left through. We caught up with them and killed them all (about 100). The exit opened up to part of the forest near where we entered.

Red took the Kord Orb down through the CHAOS ENERGY hole again, hoping Kord could absorb the energy; Kord didn’t, but he did take the healing powers of the magic healing pond. Red had to fight a Death Slaad down at the bottom and ended up running away.

Day 26
We traveled all day, back toward Black Thorn.

Day 27
We traveled all day, back toward Black Thorn.

Day 28
We traveled all day, back toward Black Thorn.

Growfest Day 1
At Black Thorn: some people were celebrating in the morning, but more were still concerned about the war. The human army was camped out. After explaining how important we were to the human guards who questioned us, Red made himself a paper hat, and we found Liarin (with a human Captain). We examined a City of Greyhawk map with her and identified where the big DEMON PORTAL was at (outside of the large city coliseum). Liarin had a wizard friend (another member of the Undaunted).

I hired a squire who got Red a new hat and asked him to prepare us some horses so we could head out to the Vampire’s base (before going to save Grayhawk), but the squire had an attitude and went back to the Knight Captain talking with Liarin. The Vampire had taken over the Two Fords area. We asked the Undaunted Wizard to coordinate attack times with the army (using his magic messaging spells).

We traveled toward Two Fords.

Growfest Day 2
We spent the day traveling toward Two Fords.

Growfest Day 3
We got to the river to cross over to Two Fords, but the ferry was on the other side. We also saw the dark cloud in the sky above the city. We used our 1-time use magic boat to get across the way, to the evil guards (2 Vampire Spawns). We killed 1 Vampire Spawn the 2nd surrendered, then Gabe killed him too. Our Wizard dispelled the dark cloud over the city. We got to the main keep and fought the Vampire Lord with his Pit Fiend guard. I staked the Vampire Lord in the heart while the rest of the group fought the Pit Fiend. I cut off the Vampire Lord’s head and burned his dead body. The group brought the Pit Fiend down close to dying and he plane-shifted out.


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