Greyhawk Ruins

3: Coryl's POV: The Awakening

Played on June 25, 2015

The group with the Paladin (Gabe), the Fighter (Red Foam), and the Rogue (Lia) ended up in a room with 5 Dragon Masks & Cloaks – which caused me (the Elf Druid “The Hermit”) and the Gold Dragonborn Cleric of Bahamut (Torin) to come out of our stasis “sleep” that we had been in. We got to know each other some and then each put on our color metallic mask and cloaks – wearing them caused us to gain scales on our skin (and we absorbed the masks into us, becoming Half-Dragon-esque); we rested and attuned to the items. Lia went unconscious so we left her in the closet. Through conversation, I realized the Dragonborn & I had been asleep for about 100 years.

We went out to explore the rest of the temple, infected with intruders. The storage closet had 4 Red Kobolds who were cursing Bahamut and destroying the supplies so we killed them. Gabe accidentally set off an alarm tripwire trap that made a bunch of noise. We then found a room with 2 Goblins and well-equipped 3 Hobgoblins. During the battle I turned into a Giant Spider (it was awesome) and we killed them. Afterward, I stayed in spider-form and webbed together their equipment to drag behind us.

The next hall had a room with 3 Orcs, 2 Hobgoblins, and 2 Goblins. We killed them and I webbed their equipment as well. Gabe and Red found another tripwire in the hall and dealt with the trap. We then found a large room (that used to be a beautiful Bahamut-worshipping shrine with murals on the wall depicting Bahamut battles) with a Red Half-Dragon planning at the table. We fought and killed the Red Half-Dragon. Then we used the table to block access to the room and rested.

During our resting time I told the group my real name: Coryl Revain (which means Legendary Hunter, Bear Spirit). We then continued in the halls and found a map room office with a Hobgoblin Captain and 2 Medium-Sized Apes; we killed them (though they had good strategies and killed Torin, the Dragonborn Bahamut Cleric). After killing them, we found maps and scrolls with writing in the Goblin language so we took them). We also decided to bring the dead body of Torin with us (along with his mask and cloak).

When we stopped in the room, I was still in spider form.


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