Greyhawk Ruins

7: Coryl’s POV: Retrieving Kord’s Relic

Played on July 23, 2015

Still Year 710 CY, Month 3 (Spring Time)

Still the Night of Day 22
Last time we (me, Red, Gabe, and our Kobold friend) accepted the mission from Liarin to go get the Kord relic, but for now we decided to bath in the river and then spend the night there.

Day 23
We traveled all day.

Day 24
We traveled all day.

Day 25
On the way to the Narwall area, we encountered and killed 5 Zombies. We followed the Zombie Herd tracks back to a base with a Lady Vampire Spawn and 3 Zombies at the surface (and more under the ground). We went down into a cave with CHAOS stuff – strange portals, etc. The trip down into the magical pool of water made us all more powerful and gave us full rests, except for the Kobold Cleric (who was horribly maimed). We encountered 2 Death Slaads and 2 Gray Slaads that we fought; the 2 Death Slaads opened a portal and left, but we killed the 1 Gray Slaad before the other one plane-shifted away (badly enjured). During the battle, there was a loud explosion elsewhere in the caves.

When we went deeper into the caves, we found the collapsed tunnel from the explosion and 1 Wraith with 1 Mummy and 1 Mummy Lord. We killed them and burned the Mummies. We talked to a Pit Fiend in a containment circle; he told us that his buddies were nearby with Kord’s Relic.

We found a temple with spider designs and fought the evil Marilith inside. We she took me out of bear form, I yelled out: “Ha! I’m an Elf Hal-Dragon. I’m not a bear at all!” After we killed the Marilith, we found a secret door and went through it.

We found a room with a platform and an army of Zombies on the ground. On the platform was a Lich holding a Magic Orb and his Vampire buddy. Some of the Zombies started climbing up. When Gabe killed the Lich, the Zombies started all heading to an exit. Gabe killed the Vampire (turning him to mist). We got the Orb! Red used his fire breath to kill at least 10 of the escaping Zombies.


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