Greyhawk Ruins

4: Coryl’s POV: Saving the Bronze Dragon

Played on July 2, 2015

Year 710 CY, Month 3 (Spring Time)
Day 12
We went back to the room with the closet with Lia the Wood Elf Rogue. She woke up and told us she had a vision in which she was with Bahamut (she had to prove herself to him and then he told her the way out of the base and where the Bronze Dragon was at). I introduced myself to her. We took a full rest in the locked room. Red tried to bond with the evil Tiamat sword and decided to use it in combat from now on…

Day 13
We continued searching the place. We found a secret room with treasure in it. The next room down the hall was an office with strange noises that ended up being a Zombie and Skeleton that we destroyed. The next room had a Shadow that we destroyed. Lia kept creeping around so we decided she is “The Creeper.” We came to a larger room (a practice/training room) with 6 Zombies and 2 Skeletons, which we also destroyed.

The next room had a Slave Woman that Red attacked. I healed her but her son attacked Red with cutlery. Red then grappled the boy until his mother took him. Red was upset with the rest of us when we let them run away. Red then went into the kitchen and ate some raw steak meat. His sword hand started growing talons and 5-colored scales. His hand symbol and mask dropped off of him.

We found stairs up to the main room (with the Slave Woman and her son dead) with an “Elf” in a shield-bubble and a Flameskull and 2 Skeletons. I turned into a Warhorse during the battle and used my hooves to kill the Flameskull. After we destroyed them, a Wight showed up and said if we destroyed him, we would be hunted by his master. Red struck the killing blow and transformed into what looked like a Half-Dragon of the 5 chromatic colors mixed.

We then had to figure out how to undo the shield-bubble trapping the “Elf” (who was actually the Bronze Dragon), with Lia using her skills. After we took down the shield-bubble, the Bronze Dragon flew around for a while and then came back to us and told Red to remove the Evil Tiamat Sword (but the sword kept magically reappearing in the scabbard). The Bronze Dragon had to do a remove curse (which took away the Half-Dragon scales and gave Red back his Bahamut mark on his hand).

We updated the Bronze Dragon about the Demon Portal in Greyhawk; he said the Wight’s master was a powerful Lich. We burned Torin’s body since we didn’t have enough money to pay for a resurrection. We got all of our loot. Together we all communed with Bahamut while the Bronze Dragon made the temple a Holy Place again – in doing so, Bahamut gave us the option to all turn into Half-Dragons and we accepted (which took our mark and mask, turning us into the color of our marks), thus: Red turned into a Gold Half-Dragon, Lia a Silver, me a Bronze, and Gabe Brass.

We took a full rest. The Bronze Dragon agreed to come to the Elf village in a couple of days.

Day 14
A Copper Kobold Bahamut Cleric named Lightfoot arrived to join us. We also rejoined Gabe’s retainers and divided our loot up amongst us to carry back to the village. On our way back 4 Gnolls (1 of which was a “Fang of Yeenoghu”) tried to ambush us but we spotted them and killed them. Then we continued on to the village and sold the loot once we got there.


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