Greyhawk Ruins

3: Coryl's POV: The Awakening
Played on June 25, 2015

The group with the Paladin (Gabe), the Fighter (Red Foam), and the Rogue (Lia) ended up in a room with 5 Dragon Masks & Cloaks – which caused me (the Elf Druid “The Hermit”) and the Gold Dragonborn Cleric of Bahamut (Torin) to come out of our stasis “sleep” that we had been in. We got to know each other some and then each put on our color metallic mask and cloaks – wearing them caused us to gain scales on our skin (and we absorbed the masks into us, becoming Half-Dragon-esque); we rested and attuned to the items. Lia went unconscious so we left her in the closet. Through conversation, I realized the Dragonborn & I had been asleep for about 100 years.

We went out to explore the rest of the temple, infected with intruders. The storage closet had 4 Red Kobolds who were cursing Bahamut and destroying the supplies so we killed them. Gabe accidentally set off an alarm tripwire trap that made a bunch of noise. We then found a room with 2 Goblins and well-equipped 3 Hobgoblins. During the battle I turned into a Giant Spider (it was awesome) and we killed them. Afterward, I stayed in spider-form and webbed together their equipment to drag behind us.

The next hall had a room with 3 Orcs, 2 Hobgoblins, and 2 Goblins. We killed them and I webbed their equipment as well. Gabe and Red found another tripwire in the hall and dealt with the trap. We then found a large room (that used to be a beautiful Bahamut-worshipping shrine with murals on the wall depicting Bahamut battles) with a Red Half-Dragon planning at the table. We fought and killed the Red Half-Dragon. Then we used the table to block access to the room and rested.

During our resting time I told the group my real name: Coryl Revain (which means Legendary Hunter, Bear Spirit). We then continued in the halls and found a map room office with a Hobgoblin Captain and 2 Medium-Sized Apes; we killed them (though they had good strategies and killed Torin, the Dragonborn Bahamut Cleric). After killing them, we found maps and scrolls with writing in the Goblin language so we took them). We also decided to bring the dead body of Torin with us (along with his mask and cloak).

When we stopped in the room, I was still in spider form.

2: Manthor's POV: Shadow Death
Played on June 18, 2015

The Elf Rogue Lia joined us (me, Gabe, & Red), tasked with helping us get to the Bronze Dragon’s cave. We rested in the woods and then found an abandoned area with an old bridge that was faling apart. It took us a while, but we used rope and all got across the bridge.

We went in the Dragon’s Cave and found that it had been invaded by 1 Ogre and 3 Orcs that we had to kill. I took a javelin and a greataxe from the dead bodies. We then went up to the big doors and a trap went off, causing us to go down a giant slide. We ended up in a pile of furs at the body and I had Lia help me make an ugly, smelly cloak out of some rope and fur.

The hallway had a talking door: “It’s been a long time since we’ve had new initiates.” It gave us riddles to solve. Red got the 1st one, which gave him a Gold Dragon mark (on the palm of his hand). My cousin Gabe got a Brass Dragon mark (on his shoulder) from getting his riddle correct. I got a Bronze Dragon mark (on my forehead). Lia got the Silver Dragon mark (on her shoulder).

We went in for the “initiation” rooms. The first one had 3 chests with: a Ruse Monster, a Mini-Gelatinous Cube, and a Mimic Chest. We had fun taking them out (Red put the Mimic into the Acid-Cube). We lost the javelin to the Rust Monster; we had to kill the monsters for the door to open.

The next room had 2 pools of a water-like liquid on pedestals. We all had to magically connect with the liquids for the door to open.

The next room had a pool with a dead Young Bronze Dragon and a Gelatinous Cube (that we discovered by dragging the dead body through the water). The large Gelatinous Cube had use terrified for a little while, but we defeated it and the door opened.

The last “initiation” room had a hole down into darkness with a platform suspended by chains; the platform had 2 cranks that each moved have of the platform up 5 feet. The door to get out was 100’ up in the air and Shadows were down below, coming up to attack. The group had to coordinate using the cranks and holding on to keep from falling down and getting killed by the Shadows; I lost my footing and fell down to the Shadows (who then started killing me). As I was having my strength drained and dying (turning into a Shadow) I saw that my group made it out alive at the top, into the next room. I assumed they were resting inside as I became a Shadow and joined the evil forces around me as one of their own!

1: Manthor's POV: Evacuating Greyhawk
Played on May 28, 2015

My Cousin Gabriel (Aasimar: Paladin of Heronious, gold eyes and hair) and I met up with Red Foam (Tiefling: Fighter/Sea Mercenary – not a pirate) and a famous adventurer Half-Orc named Brakatur the Faithful (Paladin of Heironious, of “The Undaunted”). Brakatur gathered us together for a quest involving a Relic of Kord (with info in a scroll tube, which he gave me). But while we were together in the tavern in the Free City of Greyhawk, a Balor demon attacked; I helped in battle with Fog Cloud. Brakatur told us to evacuate as many people as we could from the Free City of Greyhawk and get the commoners to the Gnarly Forest.

We fought & killed: 2 quasits with 1 Dretch, then 2 Quasits with 3 Manes (cool gate battle). We spotted a Succubus lady on a balcony on our way of getting 22 people to the docks with us, with only 1 ship left (6 other ships departed, 1 is burning). Next, we fought & killed: 2 Manes with 1 Dretch (said “All will be slaves of Grazzt”). The elf ship captain joined the battle with his longbow (& stole my kill!).

We got on the boat. Looking back, we saw the big demons were at the big portal by the big statue of the Lord Mayor; it looked like Brakatur and his angel buddy were overwhelmed and killed. The elf captain was willing to sail us to a port town (Twofords) down the river near the Gnarley Forest (where he knew of an elf village with a cleric friend of Brakatur’s, a woman named Liarin who worshipped Ehlonna).

We rested while sailing down the river for a day. The elf captain was planning to go back to try to rescue more people so we let him leave after we departed the ship. Twofords had a mix of human and elven architecture; fountain with statues of Heronious and Ehlonna. There was an all-faith shrine. The elf Ferryman’s daughter Akasha was cursed as a weretiger so I agreed that if he let her come with me, I would eventually cure her of her lycanthropy; I convinced her to adventure with us.

Meanwhile Gabriel and Red went to the Mayor’s place to give them the news about Greyhawk being under assault by demons (where we assume they were rounding up the remaining people there as slaves). We all met back up and I introduced them to Akasha. As a group, with the refugees helping, and the writ of the Mayor: we got rations, blankets, a cart for the slower people, and donkeys (and 4 healing potions).

We head to the village of Black Thorn (which takes about a day). I talked with Akasha, hoping to bond with her. Deep in the forest, we heard a loud explosion and screaming villagers; one of our people exploded and 5 Quasits appeared from the exploding body (they creepily said “Escaping is useless; we will follow you wherever you go. Give us the map!”). We killed them.

We traveled another day. We found the walled area for the elf village and went inside. The guards pointed us to the Ehlonna temple. I asked Akasha if she thought we should turn everyone into weretigers and she said no so I brought her to the temple and got the cleric of Ehlonna to cure her curse. I also gave the elf cleric the scroll case (which had brooches for each of the 3 of us adventurers, but we don’t get to wear them yet). She said she wanted us to go secure the help of the nearby Bronze Dragon while she hallows the ground and prepares to receive more refugees. She gave me a stone with a symbol of a talking face to hand to the dragon. She told us where to find him.

The Fall of Greyhawk
Adventure #1

The group found themselves in a tavern/inn in Greyhawk: Gabriel the Aasimar paladin of Heronious, his cousin Manthor Warhammer a cleric of Kord, and Red Foam the fighter. They met with Brakitur the Faithful, whom is a member of the Undaunted, Brakitur was recruiting them to try and recover a Kord artifact and gave them a scroll case so they could find their way. Shortly after this however a loud and resonant boom echoed across Greyhawk and a Balor demon burst into the Inn. With Manthor’s help Brakitur quickly slew the demon and summoned an angel of Heronious to help him. He demanded the group rescue as many people as they could and take them to the Gnarley Forest while he fights the bigger demons, giving them time to escape.

The group then, with the people from the tavern, fought their way through the city and gathered everyone they could along the way. Red foam suggested they take a boat down the river instead of trying to make it to the town gate and so they headed for the docks. On the way they noticed some of the demon’s calling Grazz’t’s name, and even a succubus who didn’t seem to be a part of the fight. When they got there though 6 of the ships were already leaving and one was caught on fire. While they were fighting however the captain of the last ship, an elf, started shepherding the Greyhawk citizens onto his ship. When the battle was finished the group quickly got aboard the elf captain’s ship and they departed. They all saw Brakitur the Faithful fighting at the demon portal with his angelic friend, he was overwhelmed and slain, though with a pile of demons dead all around him.

The ship captain told them he would take them as far as Twofords, a village just across the river from the Gnarley forest but that he was going back to try and save more refugees. He also told them that there was an elf village in the forest where a member of the Undaunted lived, a cleric of Ehlonna named Liarin. The village was called Blackthorn.

In Twofords the group had to calm the now Greyhawk refugees and come up with a plan. Red Foam and Gabriel went to speak with the mayor to warn him about the demon invasion while Manthor went to talk to the ferryman.
Manthor didn’t have enough money to pay the ferryman to get everyone across so the man made a deal with Manthor: He’d get them across if they took his daughter, named Akasha, with them to be cured of her Lycanthropy. Manthor agreed to do this hoping he’d be able to convince her to turn him into a Weretiger.

Red foam and Gabriel met the mayor who was quickly distrusting of Red foam for being a Tiefling. Though he took the news well and decided to evacuate the town and try to get to Blackthorn a few days later, he also gave them a writ so that they could get the necessary supplies to get to Blackthorn themselves. They were able to use this to get a couple of donkeys, some rations, blankets, and a cart for the elderly and children to ride on in order to get the Blackthorn quicker.

Once this was done they quickly crossed the river and into the forest. Though after about a day of traveling one of the refugees, a cowardly town guard, exploded in a shower of gore. Inside of him were 5 Quasits which tried to steal the scroll case from them. The group slew them with ease and continued on their journey.

After one more day of travel they found the village and were met by the elven guards who took the group specifically to the cleric Liarin. After they explained what happened in Greyhawk and Brakitur’s demise she decided to take the scroll case from them and give them a quest to recruit the nearby bronze dragon to help defend the village and to give him a magical stone while she consecrated the village grounds. Manthor then asked her services, which she agreed to do, in curing Akasha of her lycanthropy after failing to convince her to turn the group into weretigers. They also found out that inside the scroll case was a map, and 3 brooches for Undaunted member, which Liarin was unwilling to let them wear.


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