Revain, Coryl "The Hermit"

Wood Elf, Moon Druid of Bahamut


Appearance: Dark-Haired Wood Elf with Bone-Studded Leather Armor, a Wooden Shield, 2 Scimitars, and a Longbow.


Coryl means “Legendary Hunter” in Elven.
Revain means “Bear Spirit” in Elven.

The Revain family of elves lived in the Gnarley Forest and had a tradition of being either Druids or Rangers, thus the name “Bear Spirit” given to them over time. Coryl was born into that tradition with a Druid father named Ilam (which means Mist Strider) and a Ranger mother named Cladul (which means Rose Glade). Growing up, he decided to learn the ways of the Druids. When he came of age at 100 years old, he picked the name Coryl because the village considered him a “Legendary Hunter” of animals.

One day, when Coryl returned from a hunting trip with some of his friends, he returned to the village and found that his parents had been attacked and killed by Orcs. Most of the village survived, but a few others had been killed as well. In his mourning time, Coryl went out into the wilderness and became a hermit. As a wanderer of the woods, he got to know some Fey creatures (mostly Pixies and Satyrs) who convinced him to protect his true name.

In his journeys, Coryl also befriended a Gold Dragonborn War Cleric named Torin who taught him about Bahamutl; Torin convinced him to become a worshipper of the God of Dragons. Eventually, Torin convinced Coryl to go through the initiation rituals at the Temple of Bahamut. During the trials, Coryl received the mark of the Bronze Dragon and Torin received the mark of the Brass Dragon.

For some reason, the Bronze Dragon in charge of the Temple of Bahamut in the Gnarley Forest decided to put Coryl and Torin into a magical stasis that lasted 100 years! When they were released from stasis, they realized the Temple was under attack…

Revain, Coryl "The Hermit"

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