Manthor "The Warhammer"

KIA: Half-Elf Tempest Cleric-Wizard


Appearance: Pale Half-Elf with Long Ears and Long Hair, with a Shield and Warhammer


Manthor’s mother Alya came from a noble family in Furyondy (and was the sister of the mother of Gabriel Rivers). Alya had a secret affair with a mysterious elf named Manthor who was traveling through town (who left before finding out that she was pregnant). Pregnant without a husband, Alya saved her family from disgrace by moving away from them to live in another town about 30 miles away. When the baby was born, she named him after his father. Unfortunately, she never saw her elf lover again.

Alya started a new life in the new village, working at the Temple of Kord as a clerk and assistant potion brewer. When little Manthor was about 5 years old, a charming human named Verito came to the village and seduced Alya. He turned out to be a con man and stole all of her money. Ashamed of what happened, Alya did not ask her sister for financial support. Thus little Manthor grew up poor. When his mother would take him to visit her sister and his cousin Gabe, she would pretend that they still had some money (though it was obvious they didn’t).

Growing up in the Temple of Kord, Manthor developed a reputation of being very strong and talented with the warhammer weapon; he spent most of his time training as a Tempest Cleric, but he also learned about arcane magic from the local wizard.

After Manthor reached adulthood, Verito returned to the village to try to sweet talk more women out of their wealth. Manthor stood up to him, striking the man down with his weapon and gaining the nickname “The Warhammer.” Unfortunately, Verito had some powerful business associates and Manthor realized it would be best for his mother and the temple if he left town before his new enemies decided to strike back against him. That caused Manthor to seek out his Paladin cousin Gabe and start adventuring…

Manthor "The Warhammer"

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