Greyhawk Ruins

The Fall of Greyhawk

Adventure #1

The group found themselves in a tavern/inn in Greyhawk: Gabriel the Aasimar paladin of Heronious, his cousin Manthor Warhammer a cleric of Kord, and Red Foam the fighter. They met with Brakitur the Faithful, whom is a member of the Undaunted, Brakitur was recruiting them to try and recover a Kord artifact and gave them a scroll case so they could find their way. Shortly after this however a loud and resonant boom echoed across Greyhawk and a Balor demon burst into the Inn. With Manthor’s help Brakitur quickly slew the demon and summoned an angel of Heronious to help him. He demanded the group rescue as many people as they could and take them to the Gnarley Forest while he fights the bigger demons, giving them time to escape.

The group then, with the people from the tavern, fought their way through the city and gathered everyone they could along the way. Red foam suggested they take a boat down the river instead of trying to make it to the town gate and so they headed for the docks. On the way they noticed some of the demon’s calling Grazz’t’s name, and even a succubus who didn’t seem to be a part of the fight. When they got there though 6 of the ships were already leaving and one was caught on fire. While they were fighting however the captain of the last ship, an elf, started shepherding the Greyhawk citizens onto his ship. When the battle was finished the group quickly got aboard the elf captain’s ship and they departed. They all saw Brakitur the Faithful fighting at the demon portal with his angelic friend, he was overwhelmed and slain, though with a pile of demons dead all around him.

The ship captain told them he would take them as far as Twofords, a village just across the river from the Gnarley forest but that he was going back to try and save more refugees. He also told them that there was an elf village in the forest where a member of the Undaunted lived, a cleric of Ehlonna named Liarin. The village was called Blackthorn.

In Twofords the group had to calm the now Greyhawk refugees and come up with a plan. Red Foam and Gabriel went to speak with the mayor to warn him about the demon invasion while Manthor went to talk to the ferryman.
Manthor didn’t have enough money to pay the ferryman to get everyone across so the man made a deal with Manthor: He’d get them across if they took his daughter, named Akasha, with them to be cured of her Lycanthropy. Manthor agreed to do this hoping he’d be able to convince her to turn him into a Weretiger.

Red foam and Gabriel met the mayor who was quickly distrusting of Red foam for being a Tiefling. Though he took the news well and decided to evacuate the town and try to get to Blackthorn a few days later, he also gave them a writ so that they could get the necessary supplies to get to Blackthorn themselves. They were able to use this to get a couple of donkeys, some rations, blankets, and a cart for the elderly and children to ride on in order to get the Blackthorn quicker.

Once this was done they quickly crossed the river and into the forest. Though after about a day of traveling one of the refugees, a cowardly town guard, exploded in a shower of gore. Inside of him were 5 Quasits which tried to steal the scroll case from them. The group slew them with ease and continued on their journey.

After one more day of travel they found the village and were met by the elven guards who took the group specifically to the cleric Liarin. After they explained what happened in Greyhawk and Brakitur’s demise she decided to take the scroll case from them and give them a quest to recruit the nearby bronze dragon to help defend the village and to give him a magical stone while she consecrated the village grounds. Manthor then asked her services, which she agreed to do, in curing Akasha of her lycanthropy after failing to convince her to turn the group into weretigers. They also found out that inside the scroll case was a map, and 3 brooches for Undaunted member, which Liarin was unwilling to let them wear.


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