Greyhawk Ruins

2: Manthor's POV: Shadow Death

Played on June 18, 2015

The Elf Rogue Lia joined us (me, Gabe, & Red), tasked with helping us get to the Bronze Dragon’s cave. We rested in the woods and then found an abandoned area with an old bridge that was faling apart. It took us a while, but we used rope and all got across the bridge.

We went in the Dragon’s Cave and found that it had been invaded by 1 Ogre and 3 Orcs that we had to kill. I took a javelin and a greataxe from the dead bodies. We then went up to the big doors and a trap went off, causing us to go down a giant slide. We ended up in a pile of furs at the body and I had Lia help me make an ugly, smelly cloak out of some rope and fur.

The hallway had a talking door: “It’s been a long time since we’ve had new initiates.” It gave us riddles to solve. Red got the 1st one, which gave him a Gold Dragon mark (on the palm of his hand). My cousin Gabe got a Brass Dragon mark (on his shoulder) from getting his riddle correct. I got a Bronze Dragon mark (on my forehead). Lia got the Silver Dragon mark (on her shoulder).

We went in for the “initiation” rooms. The first one had 3 chests with: a Ruse Monster, a Mini-Gelatinous Cube, and a Mimic Chest. We had fun taking them out (Red put the Mimic into the Acid-Cube). We lost the javelin to the Rust Monster; we had to kill the monsters for the door to open.

The next room had 2 pools of a water-like liquid on pedestals. We all had to magically connect with the liquids for the door to open.

The next room had a pool with a dead Young Bronze Dragon and a Gelatinous Cube (that we discovered by dragging the dead body through the water). The large Gelatinous Cube had use terrified for a little while, but we defeated it and the door opened.

The last “initiation” room had a hole down into darkness with a platform suspended by chains; the platform had 2 cranks that each moved have of the platform up 5 feet. The door to get out was 100’ up in the air and Shadows were down below, coming up to attack. The group had to coordinate using the cranks and holding on to keep from falling down and getting killed by the Shadows; I lost my footing and fell down to the Shadows (who then started killing me). As I was having my strength drained and dying (turning into a Shadow) I saw that my group made it out alive at the top, into the next room. I assumed they were resting inside as I became a Shadow and joined the evil forces around me as one of their own!


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