Greyhawk Ruins

5: Coryl’s POV: The Undaunted

Played on July 9, 2015

Still Year 710 CY, Month 3 (Spring Time)
Still Day 14
In the village, some people were gawking at us: me, Red, Gabe, Lia. Red Foam spoke with the Mayor from Twofords (who had arrived and was tending to some of his people). He said there were only enough food supplies for about a week. Apparently the evil army was approaching and they fled for the woods. We went to the temple and spoke with the village leader Liarin. She wants us to go to Dyvers and ask them to send their military down to form a joint assault to retake Greyhawk.

She offered us clasps to show we joined The Undaunted Adventuring Group (they were famous adventurers who retired). Red returned his clasp when Liarin pointed out that we shouldn’t lie or steal if we are members of The Undaunted.

Our Kobold Cleric Malx told us more about himself while we were on our way to go fight the Gnolls plaguing the area. We found 7 Gnolls and 1 Barlgura Demon and killed them (I used my breath weapon twice and then turned into a Brown Bear). We rescued 4 tied up people and Red skinned the Barlgura. We brought them back to the village to be with their families and we rested.

Day 15
We gathered together in the morning and spoke with Liarin. I convinced her to let us requisition 3 horses. We mapped out our trip to get to Dyvers as being 74 miles (thus we estimated 2.5 days of travel). We left 2 of Gabe’s servants behind, but brought the female groomer (since we now had horses).

Day 16
We continued traveling to Dyvers.

Day 17
We arrived at Dyvers in the evening after going through some checkpoints. Red asked about where the city leader and castle were and I asked about temples so we could buy some healing potions. The people in Dyvers seemed unaffected by the Demon War in Greyhawk. Gabe and Lia stayed at the temple. Malx found a taver-inn called The Dirty Goblin that he, Red, and I stayed in for the night (with the horses in the stable).

Day 18
In the morning I took a bath and swam around, which apparently freaked out the commoners at the bath house. Meanwhile Red was out shopping and trying to get a leather worker to turn the Barlgura hide into gloves, boots, a belt, and a pouch. Lia wasn’t there in the morning but the rest of us met up and went to the castle; there was a long line of people waiting to see the King of Dyvers.

When we tried to get in, the clerk said she hadn’t read Gabe’s letter yet and thus Red dug through the mail – which caused the clerk to get the guards to come escort Red out of there. Red talked his way out of being kicked out and then we finally got in, to see King Braug (a fat Dwarf with lots of gold jewelry). All he offered was a “token force” of 20 troops and some supplies. His assistant suggested we go fight the enemies on the borders (Bandits or Demons).

We sought out the town Druid in the grove inside Dyvers. He gave us a Wand of Entanglement. We then went out to the border checkpoint and spoke with the guards. They directed us to the edge of the woods, where their scouts had gone missing and I convinced them to preemptively prepare a letter for King Braug letting him know that the borders were safe again.

Nighttime at the forest, we spotted a hidden cave. Inside were 4 Quasits and 2 Shadow Demons that we killed. After the battle I was still in my Giant Spider form.


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