Greyhawk Ruins

6: Coryl’s POV: Finding My Grove

Played on July 16, 2015

Still Year 710 CY, Month 3 (Spring Time)
Still the Night of Day 18
We (me, Red, Gabe, and our Kobold friend) found magic items on a dead group: a Holy Avenger, a Trident of Terror, and a Javelin of Lightning. We attempted to rest, but 2 Tieflings interrupted us and then went outside and killed an Elf Druid. We then killed them and rested. I burned the Druid’s body with proper burial rituals.

We followed the Druid’s tracks back to a really nice grove with a Gnome student named Gravin, some pixies, and a Dire Bear. I agreed to come back and take care of this grove.

We went back to the cave (den of evil) and fought a Tiefling and a Chasme. The Tiefling got away, but we killed the Chasme. We found a group of the King’s guards and burned their dead bodies. Then we went back to the grove to rest (it had a magic spring that gave the benefits of a long rest – but with a compulsion/entrall chance). Gravin offered to destroy/collapse the cave; Red went with him. Gabe and I rested.

Day 19
We got our horses and returned to the guard post, where we got our letter for King Braug. We went back into the city and stayed at the inn.

Day 20
We woke up early and got ready to go see King Braug’s assistant. The assistant took all of the stuff from the dead guards and the letter. He also agreed to speak with King Braug before us. The King said he would send the majority of his army with us to Black Thorn to coordinate an assault on the City of Greyhawk. We started traveling back to Black Thorn.

Day 21
We traveled all day.

Day 22
At night we arrived at Black Thorn, but we saw the Bronze Dragon flying around. More guards were there and more organized than last time. We found Liarin and briefed her on our success. She gave us the scroll case with the Kord symbol from the group’s first mission – for us to get a relic of Kord (map included to the Narwell area). She encouraged us to try to recruit people from Narwell if we had time.


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